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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age children do you care for at your center?

A: We care for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years-old during the school year and ages 6 weeks to 8-years-old during the summer.

Q: Do you offer part-time care?

A: Yes, we offer full-time care for infants 6 weeks to 12 months-old and full-time or part-time care for children 1 to 5-years-old. Part-time care consists of a schedule of one to four days per week at full days or half days (4 hours or less.)

Q: Do you clean the toys and equipment?

A: Yes! We clean all toys and equipment daily!

Q: Do you provide meals for the children?

A: Yes, we provide nutritional breakfast, lunch, and two to three snacks per day.

Q: What time is drop off?

A: We prefer you drop of your child any time between 6 and 10AM. Under special circumstances you may drop off your child after 10AM with approval from the office. You may visit or pick up any time!

Q: Does my child have to be potty trained at a certain age to attend your program?

A: No. We work closely with the parents to ensure potty training continuity between home and school. We will help potty train when you tell us your child is ready.

Q: Do you offer any special discounts on tuition?

A: Yes, we provide a multiple child discount (10% off of the oldest child's tuition), and $5 off per week for MTSU students/teachers, State Farm employees, active military, and VA employees. (only one $5 discount accepted. May be combined with the multiple child discount.)

Q: Do you accept state vouchers for tuition assistance?

A: Yes, we accept Families First and Transition Childcare certificates. We still charge $50/week tuition in conjunction with these vouchers as the state only pays part of our regular tuition. If you have a parent fee, that will be in addition to the $50/week tuition.

Q: Do I have to provide a notice if I am taking my child out of your center?

A: Yes, we require a two weeks notice.